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Services I Offer
I offer a variety of services including medication management and psychodynamic psychotherapy.

My approach to patient care is compassionate, collaborative, and comprehensive. I recognize that seeking help for psychological distress requires a tremendous amount of courage, and I feel honored to work with individuals from diverse backgrounds to navigate through their challenging life situations.
Let's Work Together
I provide comprehensive evaluations which take into consideration all aspects of your life, since contributing factors to each individual’s psychic distress are unique and complex. These factors may include but are not limited to: medical conditions, occurrence of traumatic events, substance use, life stressors (loss of a loved one, phase of life transitions), early childhood experiences, and relationships, in addition to psychiatric disorders.

I believe in empowering patients to become active participants in their care, which typically includes psychotherapy and/or medication, for the best possible treatment outcomes. Regularly scheduled psychotherapy (weekly or more frequent) is a critical component of healing. It is a collaborative process during which you will explore your distress, including your thoughts and emotions, within the safety of a therapeutic space, and under the guidance of an experienced therapist.

Oftentimes the challenges we face including: chronic tension, anxiety, depression, anger, feelings of inadequacy, relationship problems, or other unhealthy behaviors are driven by unconscious processes (thoughts, feelings, motivations), which a skilled therapist can bring into awareness. Psychotherapy is hard work and relief of distress is gradual. However, the benefits are lasting and I have seen powerful life changes occur for patients who have invested time and effort into this modality of treatment. I typically recommend weekly therapy, and possibly more frequently depending on your needs. Due to limited availability, I am only accepting a few patients for weekly psychotherapy, but will help you to find a therapist if I am unavailable.
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